Best Massage Chair (2021) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the Best massage chair list of 2021. Throughout the world, massage chairs are widely accepted and demanded at the latest So, a Beautifully designed massage chair with great texture is a fabulous addition to your home, office and daily routine to improve your life quality. We prepared a list that will help you to find the best one you need.

The massages chair is always versatile, and that can be used for any massage. The busy routine of daily life Everyone needs to relax and take a break the right way to do it through massage you can hire a professional Massage therapist. However, not everyone has time or money for regular sessions, But massaging chairs offer a more affordable and user-friendly alternative.

But that’s not enough!

This is where the Best massage chair can replicate by working out for all kinds of muscles. Further massage chairs can help you to reduce your stress and lower your blood pressure and also cholesterol levels.

Our Top Picks

Real Relax 2020 Massage

Real Relax 2020 Massage

  • Zero gravity
  • Feet rollers & airbags
  • Budget Friendly


Kahuna LM 6800

Kahuna LM 6800

  • Buttock Roller Massage
  • Three Zero Gravity Positions
  • 6 automatic massage programs


Kahuna SM-9000 Comb

Kahuna SM-9000 Comb

  • Acupressure Points
  • 6 Infrared heated roller system
  • 5 Manual massage programs


  Best Massage Chair 2021

Best Massage Chair

The market is an excellent preference for personal care. Different massage chairs with different varieties and prices are available in demand these days which has caused a problem to choose, so if you are looking for one, we can help you to choose the best massage chair on the market.

When you are going to buy a massage chair, you must check its cost deals—costs of massage chair range from low to high. Sometimes you fail to get what you want with a high-cost massage chair and got the qualities with a little cost massage chair.

Top 7 Best massage chair list of 2021


Best Massage Chairs

Kahuna SM-9000
  • Acupressure Points
  •  Infrared roller system
  •  Bluetooth connectivity

Best Massage Chairs

3D Kahuna HM-078

  • Easy massage for body
  •  Good air movement 
  •  Versatile design

Best Massage Chairs

Kahuna LM6800
  •  Body scanning system
  •  Detachable rollers
  •  Easy Assembling

Best Massage Chairs


  •  Good recline system
  • Backrest and heating
  •  Perfect for calf and foot

Best Massage Chairs

Ideal massage Shiatsu

  •  Durable for use
  •  Worth of money and price
  •  Easy assemble massage set

Real Relax 2020

Real Relax 2020

  •  Easy for use
  •  Good Assemble
  •  Perfect in design and shape

Osaki OS-4000

  •  Easy for use
  •  Regular body scanning
  •  Good Remote control system

If you are looking for a Best massage chair under $1000. then stay tuned we have also created a list of Best massage chair under $1000.

1: Kahuna SM 9000 Superior

AIR FLOAT is a new addition to a massage program. The chair has many benefits to use during the massaging time. You can get some excellent benefits to use it like that has a sound curvature system for use. Also, the primary and suitable extra roller

Kahuna SM 9000 Superiorare set in the chair to make it more useable. A great transition for the body with very low noise. The most essential AIR FLOAT technology also used to make it more durable for long term use.


Air Float Technology

The primary and essential element of this chair is that it has the right air float technology set in it. The perfect and suitable track system gives a shape to this chair for use in the massage program. However, this used to make a fully 3D structure for a sound programming system of massage. Kahuna SM-9000 gives an extra added feature to make it more regular for use in a massage. You can get excellent benefits from it by using it properly during the massaging time. 3D system in the chair set due to the large roller and proper airbags functions.

Versatile Massage Setting 

This chair of Kahuna has another essential feature to use in three different styles of feet during massage time. Nevertheless, you can move the chair at any point with your settings. There are not any calf rollers set in the chair, but it gives an enormous pressure to move feet at any angle.

You can enjoy a lot to use it with setting foot at any spot to make your massage time better for you. Similarly, the best option to use and release all the tension. You can make your day more memorable with this chair for use in a massage.

Good Connectivity System

This chair set another essential point to use its massage system. Kahuna SM-9000 is the best massage chair has a sound connectivity system for refreshment. You can attach a laptop, mobile, or some other things to use during massaging time. The Bluetooth system of connectivity set in the chair to make it more durable and sturdy in work as in its design.

With a good connection, this has the perfect LED light setting to use it anytime and at any place. It gives a quiet environment during massaging without another light source.

Massage Speed Setting 

This chair has the right intensity for massaging. The three different speed levels for massage of feet set in the chair to make it more versatile. The chair has a sound grip system for better performance, and sitting on it is excellent smoothness for refreshment.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Excellent work speed
  • Good roller system
  • Easy Assembling
  • Small seat setting

2: Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078

As the name mention rhythmic, the best massage chair of Kahuna brand gives a proper rhythmic function to the people during the massaging time. The adequate setting fully 3D zero gravity for comfortable and fit use. Hubot equipped with all the features set to make and use for the full massage system. The high in quality with complete relaxation, complete body massage therapy. The overall design of this zero gravity massage chair is in beautiful SL style, which attracts the people to use it for the long term with efficient work.

Features Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078

HSL-Track And Elasticity 

The chair has an excellent and robust track system for setting and use it in the massage program. The main thing is that a unique ergonomic curve makes the long track for sitting on it. The size of this Hubot is almost in the range of 52″ sufficient SL-track system. This track gives you excellent and large cradle, and you can use it for the whole body massage very accurately.

Various Programme Setting

The Hubot massage chair has sound and some important massage program. Almost 15 different systems used in the massage for excellent and sound body massage to get good relief for the body as well. These systems have different functions like sports, Kyro specialization, and the best massage intensity setting. All these have a proper and versatile capacity to use and make the massage very easy on this chair.

Full 3D Zero Gravity 

The main thing is that Hubot has full zero gravity for massage. The 3D system makes chair to push and up it very accurately. All the essential functions you can set in the chair and make your massage time more preferable.

The purpose that it gives good strength to the back body and removes all the muscles fatigue very easily without any problem or stress. When using it in the massage, you get a benefit and feel like a float on the chair, and your weight becomes lower very efficiently.

Good Design And Bluetooth 

The overall design of this chair is excellent for regular use. The chair set in different colors for your ease of picking option. And a Bluetooth system also set in the chair to make good your massage time enjoyable with playing the song on a laptop or mobile connection.

Air Cells Massage System

You can adjust the massage intensity level with air cell movement. This helps to make the sturdy position setting and massage of the whole body becomes very easy. This gives the supply of oxygen and the flow of blood in the body. Besides, the rhythmic massage in this technology offers a target towards various main massage features. This is stretching the user’s body as per the need for the whole body massage with very ease of the power.

  • Easy massage for body
  • Good air movement
  • Versatile design
  • Best for the money
  • Low in quality and intensity

3. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna LM6800

The LM6800 specially made for the long-lasting to us for the whole body massage and body scanning technology. The word Yoga means to give good penetration for the body to release all the extra waste from the body and make the body lower with weight and stress as well. The heating system in the chair is set to make full recline of the body therapy system. The S-shape track gives a proper position for sitting on the chair.Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna LM6800


Body Scanning Technology 

The first and essential features of this best massage chair have to make the whole body scanning. This helps the body to remove all the extra waste and get a benefit by releasing all the stress. Your body becomes very accurate in its shape and maintains all the system regularly. You can feel free from all tension and pressure to make the mind fresh with proper massage. The full recline in the chair makes the body sound and fit. This technology becomes more efficient with a secure and complete computer technology system.

Dual Detachable Foot Roller 

The chair also best for massage due to the ethical and sound operation of the feet roller in it makes your massage program best for regular use. A full detachable system of the roller causes the chair more sturdy and durable. You can also change the roller with your position setting on it. All people have different styles for massaging this chair gives all different and variant forms for an excellent massaging program.

Space-Saving Design 

The chair has extraordinary power, and a benefit to using it is that it has a functional area and strength to set at any place very quickly. You can make your message easier with the use of this sturdy design massage chair for natural settings on it. Most people have an issue at their homes about the space.

This chair wholly equipped with proper space-saving technology and configuration. It has excellent clarity and accuracy between the backrest and wall of the massage chair.

Good Washable Footer 

The sound footer system for easy washing and cleaning the chair. You can wash the footer place of this chair with a secure rest setting in it. This gives an additional background to make the chair more durability for long-lasting use. The chair has a useful and essential setup of construction for use at any place at any time and secure washing system. These things give good power and the source of a safe setting to get the chair.

Various Massaging Technique Setting

The chair has another relevant background of different massaging techniques. You can use the chair as Shiatsu, rolling, kneading, tapping, and a combination of both tapping and kneading. These techniques help to scan the body and recline the whole body for accurate massaging. The main feature of this model, which makes it versatile from all other massage chairs.

  • Body scanning system
  • Detachable rollers
  • Easy washing and cleaning
  • LED system not functional

4. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity

The RELAXONCHAIR ideally a good chair. This has an exceptional sound quality feature to buy the chair and get benefits of all the perfect massaging setup. Shiatsu chair has good feature power of regular massaging with an L-track setting. The different unique styles of massage like tapping, kneading, rolling, Shiatsu, and other beneficial types paly an extra roll in a massage setting. This model redesigned for the user to upgrade with additional features. RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II Plus] Full Body Zero Gravity


Remote Control Operation

The critical feature of this chair that equipped with a full power setting of the sound remote control system. This helps to make one window operation very accurately. All the rollers and airbags easily set in the chair to make it more comfortable for regular massage use. You can get the extra benefit to use it for some to get good relief and extra power for releasing all the stress and tension from it.

Multi-functional Zero gravity 

The chair entirely made with full of zero-gravity setting to make it more durable for long term use. This chair minimizes the strain and create your feet as the like heart and maintain in the proper shape. This method uses for the release of all stress and discomfort from the back and gets good results from back pain. This has the power always to release the pain so, its best option for you to understand and release all the body and muscle fatigue. Many essential it is beneficial to use in the multi-functions system and has excellent strength for releasing tension.

L-Tracking Computer Scanning

The chair has a mode of L-track setting; this gives good power to use in massaging with ease of control and source. You can scan the whole body with a computer body scanning technology and the system as well. All the people want to sue like it excellent body recline with proper setting and maintenance. It occasionally misses the mark, but only sometimes, and is another superb addition to the chair to make an excellent massage setting.

Improve Muscle Massage

This chair specially set with proper functions of good recline and full body massage. You can make a good massage in the body with the ease of power setting for muscles and body tissue scanning. You can adjust to make your body design and shape with perfect parameters. The different airbags also reveal that they give a suitable power source for the hip and back and make them easily adjustable on the chair. You can use it to release all stress and make your system smooth and soft for proper shape.

Good Heating System

The excellent power source for releasing the back pain. It also due to better results and make the massaging program right for long term use. Overall this chair made with all the settings which you want to get it to make the body relax and suitable for the work. All the muscle fatigue and tension from the collection are quickly released.

  • Good recline system
  • Backrest and heating
  • Perfect calf and foot massage
  • High price with low quality

5. Ideal massage Shiatsu Built-in Heat Zero Gravity

Proper Positioning Deep massage chair uses to make luxurious and relaxing functions of massage. The name ideal, it is used to make the massage ideally without any problem in the body. All the essential and primary settings are added in the chair to make it more durable and sturdy for the functions. A sliding technology also set in the chair to make it better for the use and get better results. This helps to release full-body stress. Ideal massage Shiatsu Built-in Heat Zero Gravity


Full body Reclining 

The chair made with full feature power of full-body recline and massage settings. You can glide and slide on the chair with proper settings to make a good massage program. The different types of massage programs like Shiatsu, roller, tapping, knapping, combo, etc. make complete body massage. This chair helps to make proper 3D rolling functions. Your feet and heart like in the same set and shape for the appropriate accuracy and maintenance.

Automatic Height Setting

The body also adjusts with the unique and straightforward auto system of setting. You can change the height within the proper way and make the body more relaxing form. This chair good to use for the space-saving configuration nad adjust easily at any level with appropriate design as well. You can sit and lay back on it, release the tiring day tension.

All in all, the recliner system is also making a sound backrest system for massaging. The chair has a good cushion system to get comfort. You can sit for a long time on the chair to do some work on the laptop very quickly. All these helpful for use in a conventional way.

Electronic Roller System

The chair another extra feature of a sound rolling system. All the rollers are easily set in order with an easy-rolling and straightforward method. This system helpful for use at any level and place without any problem. You can move and roll the body at any angle with a proper setting and adjustment.

Your legs are retrieved and release all the stress with perfect and accurate calf, and back rets system. The full-day tension and stress are easily removed off from the body in a single movement on the chair.

Durable And Noise Reductions

The chair equipped with a very accurate and sound system of material. There is no noise created in the chair during the massaging time. You can get good relief with the useability power and durability of the chair. This helpful and useful overall due to full 3D zero gravity and easy assemble with low noise in it. Multi-chamber airbags also set in the chair to make it more durable and show long-lasting sound effects.

  • Durable for use
  • Worth of money and price
  • Easy assemble massage set
  • No foot rollers in the chair


6. Real Relax 2020, Full Body Zero Gravity

The Khaki color massage chair equipped with a full feature power of proper height. This best massage chair also adjusted with a simple and equal heigh setting to make a good position for easy and accurate functions of the massage program. There is the best foot massager set in the chair to help in a better way for regular purposes. The chair also gives good power for the back heat and rest. Real Relax 2020, Full Body Zero Gravity


Sturdy Design

The chair is wholly equipped with proper design and a good color scheme. The chair entirely made with a new and excellent setup. The khaki color is sturdy for regular use because most people want to check the durability and sturdy look. This chair has all the feature power for proper use. The periodic adjustment of the chair with possible heigh make the chair more durable and useful for work with an ease of control and set in it

Massage Customization

This chair provides a complete set with full-featured power, an accurate massage program. You can make it more useful and customize your massage process with natural settings and adjustments. You can make eight different types of massage programs for natural and extensive settings.

Easy Movement 

The chair has a right foot roller and helps to make the chair very accurate and sturdy for the work. You move and adjust your setting on the chair. Place the char at any place with eas of power and configuration as well. All the setting is changed with time also has excellent potential for movement from one to another location in a single button push method.

The two back wheels are set in the chair to make it more durable for long-lasting use—this helps to move the chair from one to another place.

Remote Control System

The remote control system placed in the chair. Push the single button and change any setting in it to make it more useful for the regular and helpful environment. All the background has a unique configuration for proper use in the massage and easy release all the stress from the whole body within the appropriate manner. This method is best to use all the time for proper designing functions.

Functional Assembly 

The chair made full of featured power settings. All the technical power and setting is adjusted to make it more potential for long term use. The assembly of the chair good enough for the different parts setup. All the parts are easy to assemble and set to make the chair more durable and efficient for use. You can move and place the chair. This chair also helpful for the prompt setting and adjust the height the proper way.

  • Good Assemble
  • Perfect in design and shape
  • Lightweight with accuracy in setting
  • Less durability and functionality


7. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair

Osaki is a brand new and executive full body massage chair. This is used to make the body relax and easy with perfect configuration. The sound and exact ergonomic setup make the body in a proper setting. The OS-4000 is a complete zero gravity setting with the power of adequate assembling and function for the regular configuration. All the material use in the chair is very durable enough for long term use. But the body also adjusted and relaxing for proper setup.Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Fully Body Massage Chair


Complete Body Scan

The Chair body has a good and perfect scan system. This chair has the feature power for the natural setting. You can adjust the shape and scan entirely with the proper setup. The body is more helpful for regular adjustment. You can massage the body and set it at the appropriate place with the appropriate configuration. The roller of the body easily adjusted with backrest and arms setup. This body curvature helps to give an adequate shape and sturdy system of the body on the chair.

Good Airbags System

The chair has another essential feature of a good manual structure for moving and adjusting the body. You can quickly move the body and improve the whole body with laying position. Then you can lay down on the chair and make the high stress of the body. The lumbar support also set in the body to make an excellent movement for regular setup and position. All the body easily adjusted on the chair with proper support setup.

Easy For Use

The remote gives you to select the massage type, intensity, speed, and location. The manual mode massage includes kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, rolling, combination, and Swedish. Thats why  This chair perfect for making the whole body with a proper shape massage. This different and versatile method in the chair gives extra power for the regular massaging program. You can make the chair more supportive of long-term use.

Full Body Control System

The body fully and completely scans for regular setup with adequate strength and shape. The remote and wireless system helps to make the body healthy for the proper structure. The whole of the body quickly moving and has a reliable setting for appropriate massaging. The calf and foot massager is able to make adjustments according to each individual’s leg length. You can sit or lay down on the chair in the accurate sitting plan.

  • Easy for use
  • Regular body scanning
  • Good Remote control system
  • Grip and sitting are not proper

Things You Need To Remember Before Buying A Massage Chair

If you have a problem in the back or the body muscles and pain start after some work. Then you need to play an excellent massage system in the body for relaxation and releasing the stress in the body. You need to buy a massage chair. Before buying you can check some important things in the chair for your help and benefits to obtain an excellent chair.

Effective Chair 
The primary and essential thing to check in the chair is its functional setup. The chair has a different setting for a massage. These are different, like rolling, kneading, tapping, and zero gravity reclining system. The main factor is the gravity of the chair. Pick and select the chair for your message, use sound and proper style of complete 3D zero gravity functions.

Space Setup
After that, you need to select the chair with a proper space adjustment setting. Always get and buy the chair with easy assembling as well as a functional space adjustment setting. The chair with moveable functions is best to purchase and adjust it in the homeroom or the lawn. Many new models now include an advanced feature called space-saving, or zero walls. Chairs with this feature give you to place your chair only about 2 inches from the wall.

The chair with excellent durability is best to use in the massage because it has a long-lasting effect. The investment for this chair is somehow high, so always strength matters. You can check the material and part used in the chair. Get and buy the good electric massage chair with all the versatile brand with quality built functions. A quality massage chair proper equipped for a long term investment is most suitable and best for your health and prolonged use functionality as well.

Easy Repair 
The chair sometime breaks, or a part is fewer functions so, always pick and select the chair with proper features system of natural repair. It helps to make the chair more functional for a long time. You probably need to use your chair regularly, so make sure that you get a resilient, heavy-duty chair.

Price Range
The price also matters for getting a good chair with all the essential features. You can check the chair price and pick as your budget requirement, because of high quality and most durable massage chair start form the price range of 2500$. So, check all the accessories and materials as well as part used in it.

Warranty And Customer Service 
At last, this is also important to check the chair durability and as well as check a proper warranty. The manufacturer always gives a warranty of the chair for a year or two. Therefore buy the chair with an appropriate buying guide as well as good customer service to change it.


Afterall suppose that you want to release body stress and muscle fatigue then you need to apply body massage fully. For this purpose, you are worried about buying the chair with good quality and low price massage chair.

Than the Full-Featured Shiatsu Built-in, Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue is the Best Massage Chair for you to pick and use in the massage program with all quality features.

If you have any questions you can ask in the comment section.


Q: Does Massage Chair Works?

Ans: Yes, a massage chair works with its full benefits. A chair is perfect with a good massaging program and assembling system. This release the stress and tension from the body.

Q: What Is The Cost Of Massage Chair?

Ans: A chair with the best and most durable program and the setting price starts from 2500$. But all the model has different price limit and range with different functions.

Q: Can We Use A Massage Chair For Sleeping?

Ans: No, it’s not used for sleeping due to its small and perfect space setting. But you can lay down for some time to release body stress.

Q: What Is Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Ans: Zero gravity is the term used for the massage chair to make the excellent recline system with proper sliding floating on the chair.

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