What is a Gaming Chair? All You Need To Know

what is a gaming chair?

If you spend most of the time playing games on the computer, you would want to buy yourself a proper chair to be comfortable in those long hours. And you must have found yourself in the discussion of what a gaming chair is, and wondered if you should get an office chair or a gaming chair?
A proper chair designed for you to spend long sitting time on the computer is essential. It not only maintains your posture but also provides you comfort for long periods.
Before you decide which gaming chair to choose, let me guide you in detail about what a gaming chair is, the features and differences between gaming and an office chair.

What Is a Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is a specially designed ergonomic chair to provide you comfort and other health benefits. When you sit on a chair for a long time, it causes stress on your spine resulting in back pain, poor posture, and other health issues. Therefore, a gaming chair meets the needs of prolonged sitting for playing games to avoid developing these conditions and promotes good posture.

Features Of A Gaming Chair:

Whether you are a heavy gamer or a casual gamer, you need to decide which gaming chair you should buy for yourself. Therefore, it is essential to know the features of a gaming chair.

  • Bucket Seat
  • Raised Front Lip Seat
  • Fixed Headrest
  • Detachable Lumbar and Head Pillows
  • Winged Backrest
  • Back Recline
  • Highly Adjustable Armrests
  • Flashy Colors

Bucket Seat:

A gaming chair with a bucket design is one with two raised sides. It was inspired by racing cars, where the two raised sides provide grip to the driver. But in a gaming chair, does it serves any purpose?
It is an amazing feature and gives a feeling of the cradle while playing any racing game. But for ergonomics, a bucket seat doesn’t do any good. With raised sides, your seating space reduces, and it provides restriction in movement. Moreover, it interferes in blood circulation if you sit cross-legged.

Raised Front Lip Seat:

Another feature of a gaming feature that is inspired by a racing car is raised front lip chair. Many gaming chairs have this feature. But this is not a good feature.
In a racing car, raised front lip helps the driver to prop up his legs in a comfortable position to reach the gas paddles. But you don’t need it in a gaming chair.
The ergonomics of sitting on a chair states that you should sit with legs bent at 90 degrees and feet flat on the ground. However, this feature works oppositely. You need to get a chair with a waterfall design to help support sitting the right way.
Furthermore, this feature also interferes with blood circulation by building pressure at the back of the thigh. The waterfall design or any design opposite to raised flap helps prolonged sitting along with promoting blood circulation.

Fixed Headrest

The headrest is a good feature if you like to lean back while playing games. Since it is comfortable to lean back with a fixed headrest and removable pillows, many gamers prefer to get chairs with a high back and fixed headrests. It provides you comfort and support like a bed with a backboard and pillows.

Many office chairs also come with a headrest, but a gaming chair knows the best about their headrest needs. Always go for a chair that comes with a neck pillow that goes through the cutout in the neck. It helps to adjust your pillow according to your needs.

Detachable Lumbar and Head Pillows

Lumbar and head support are essential parts of a gaming chair. Many gaming chairs have detachable lumbar and head pillows for this purpose. They help to promote a neutral spine resulting in comfort and improvement in back pain.

Always look for detachable lumbar pillows that move up and down according to your size. This is also a plus point in a gaming chair as office chairs have detachable and fixed lumbar support.

Winged Backrest

This feature is also inspired by racing cars. It gives you an experience of racing and keeps you in place. However, no game displaces your body out of its place.
Therefore, you can say it is a cool feature and gives you an experience at a new level. But from an ergonomics point of view, it is not a good feature. It not only restricts the movement, but it also makes feel big people feel sandwiched in the chair.

Back Recline

One of the main features of a gaming chair is its backrest recline. Some gaming chairs have a high level of recline up to 180 degrees. There is a long debate on whether to sit upright or in a reclined position to avoid stress on your back. According to the research, sitting in a relined position of about 135 degrees puts less strain on your discs, resulting in less backache.
Most gamers spend prolonged time sitting on the chair, back recline can help prevent back pain and injuries. However, the office chairs come with a tilt feature instead of recline mechanism. In that case, gaming chairs are a better choice to prevent any stress on your back.

Highly Adjustable Armrests

Another feature of a gaming chair is its highly adjustable armrest. It offers 3D adjustability of armrests, in horizontal as well as vertical. Moreover, they provide this amazing feature at the same price as office chairs.
Armrest provides support to your upper body by taking the weight off your shoulders. It reduces the tension and stress in your upper body. The armrest that can pivot inward and outward provides more support to your arm while typing or using the controller.

Flashy Colors and Material Of the Seat

Another contrast of a gaming chair is the variety of colors available. It comes in flashy and high-contrasted colors whereas office chair comes in plain colors.
The fabric of the gaming chair’s seat is of high-quality PU or leather, supported with high-density foam.


A gaming chair comes with wheels that help to glide the chair with ease and reduces the strain on your arm while moving the chair from one place to another.
If you need to use your gaming chair on a hard surface, choose rubber wheels, and if, on the carpet, hard wheels are a good choice.

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Gaming Chair vs Office Chair:

In a debate between a gaming chair or an office chair, you should choose according to your preferences.

  • Office chairs are simple in design whereas gaming chairs are cool and stylish with a variety of vibrant colors. Moreover, the fabric of office chair seats is usually Mesh or leather whilst gaming chairs have high-quality PU or leather material.
  • Office chairs provide comfort and support to the body by fixed lumbar support and headrest, whereas gaming chairs have detachable lumbar support with moveable neck pillows to adjust according to your need.
  • The downside of a gaming chair is a winged backrest, a bucket seat pad, and raised seat edge. It reduces the space and restricts movements that can interfere in blood circulation by putting pressure on the back of the thighs.
  • Furthermore, the gaming chair has some specific video gaming features like steering wheel mounts, built-in speakers, hands-free output, and Bluetooth compatibility.

Benefits of A Gaming Chair:

what is a gaming chair? Infographic

A gamer spends a prolonged period playing games. A gaming chair makes a difference in your health by supporting your body. When you use your gaming chair, recline the chair to 135 degrees and lean your body with the backrest. Moreover, prop up your body with the neck and lumbar cushions, and arms on the armrest. It will carry your body weight and comfort you while playing games.
Let us briefly discuss the benefits of a gaming chair on your health.

  • Improved Posture

While sitting on a chair for a prolonged time can cause slouching and strain on your back. A gaming chair supports your body weight and improves your posture by holding up your back.

  • Consistent Comfort

A gaming chair provides you consistent comfort by supporting your body weight and reducing the pressure on your back. These ease your body and let you enjoy games for long periods.

  • Eye-Level Computing

A gaming chair comes with a seat adjustment feature that allows you to position yourself on the level of your computer. With recline and pillows, you can sit comfortably on your chair and follow the game with your eyes instead of moving your head. It helps your quality of game enjoyment.

  • Increased Energy Levels

A prolonged period of sitting can cause soreness of muscles due to poor posture. It can make you worn out and cause back pain. A gaming chair supports your body and provides you a comfortable experience to play games. It helps to preserve your energy levels for you to play for a long time without getting exhausted and sore.

The Final Saying:

To sum it up, if you are a professional gamer, or play games for long periods, you should invest in a gaming seat to get its benefits. They will provide you comfort and take the experience to a new level. But before buying it, always make sure what features you want in your chair to get the perfect chair for yourself.

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