Best Portable Massage Chairs (2021) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In the past, people with back pain, neck pain visits physiotherapists. They demand high rates over treatment. Due to this, most people stop treatment as they can’t pay money for every session. After viewing all these difficulties, the technology takes a new road towards the building of massage chairs. Modern technology develops all kinds of massage chairs like the Best Portable Massage Chair, Shiatsu portable massage chair, and a Therapeutic portable massage chair.

Here’s why

The best portable massage chair,2021 mostly demanded the people who want to take a lightweight massage chair. Portable massage chair 2021, comes up with the top seven products with all the qualities.

Massage chairs are lightweight with special massaging features. Some portable massage chairs designed especially for neck called shiatsu best portable massage chair. Some of them demanded by the massage therapist called the Best portable therapeutic massage chairs.

Our  Top Picks

Custom Craftworks Melody

Custom Craftworks Melody Massage Chair

  • Comfortable
  • Angle adjustment
  • Sternum pad removable



EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair Package VORTEX

  • Face cradle adjustment
  • Aluminum framework
  • Nylong rugged carry case



STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wheals for movement


Best Portable Massage Chairs


Top 7 Best Portable Massage Chairs list of 2021

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1: Custom Craftworks Melody Massage Chair

Carecrafts portable massage chair is the one best portable massage chair,2021 that will satisfy customers till to the point for buying it because this has all uniques features with a sturdy design.

Everyone wants to have the best portable massage chair like this custom aircraft massage chair. That’s why it is designed in a way to meet the customer requirement. It gives a relaxing massage with modern technologies.



Custom craftwork melody massage chairs rigorously crafted with musical designs. Their appearance attracts the bright eye. It’s a lightweight chair, only with a few pounds. So, it is easy to carry it on.

It comes in a weight of 18 pounds. That’s why it becomes too much easy to take it with you along everywhere you want. But you have to become careful about its lightweight material.


All of the best portable massage chair and other products of the craftworks come in parts with detailed instruction of assembling the. So, each can assemble and fix it together smartly. That’s why there is no need to worry about it.
The jewelry pouch and the eyeglass pouch comes in the packing. So, you need to adjust it as you like. Or as you want to use this feature.

Adjustable height and angle

This best Therapeutic massage chair delicately designed to provide comfort to the people having a tired routine. So, It comes in flexible forms. According to the height of the person or pupil, its height can be adjusted.

Each needs massage at a different site. That’s why its angle can also be adjusted. But the reclining position of edge up to the defined level described. So, don’t try to push hard on for the desired angle.

The headrest is the main thing in every massage chair, like in this best portable massage chair. That’s why it also adjustable at head. Adjust it to the point where your head fixes.

Removable sternum pad

Sternum pad, a small pillow, comes in the half-round and triangular shape. It mostly used to place at the chest. Where it gives comfort and massage to the chest smoothly. So, the availability of a sternum pad summarizes the features of a high-quality massage chair.

Care Craft’s best therapeutic Massage Chair has a sternum pad with removable quality. So, it can be removed when there is no need, and gain can replace when you need it.


  • Comfortable
  • Sturdy
  • Sternum pad removable
  • Angle adjustment
  • Height adjustment


  • Small seat setting

2: Thera built Apex, portable massage chair

Thera built Apex, portable massage chair

As portable means easy to carry, that’s why all of the massage chairs come in the lightweight. Thus the therabuiilt best portable massage chair,2021 is. But it comes in little bit weight higher than the custom aircraft portable massage chair.

This massage chair manufactured with the thick foam to provide smooth and softy appearance while seating instead of giving the hard touch to the body, especially the back.


Colour and free carrying case

The other built best portable massage chair has the most demandable color in the market. That is black. Just because of its intensity, it attracts the customer very well towards them. During the traveling, each one wants to have a comfort zone.

That’s why they carry a massage chair with them. For these kinds of people, the massage chair comes with the free carrying case. So, you can fold it back and carry it with the carry case wherever you want.

Weight capacity

This chair has itself weight of only 18.5 pounds. This weight is somewhat higher than the craftwork best portable therapeutic massage chair, but not too much that will cause difficulty for you to carry it on.

It still has the lightest weight, and its weight capacity is 250lbs before buying must check it out about its weight capacity so that it may not cause any problem later.

Thick foam

Portable massage chairs, like Therabuilt apex massage chair, make the sheet of thick foam in cushioning type material. Because of the hard seat, everyone denied going for that. That’s why the Therabuilt best therapeutic massage chair builds with the foam. Face cradle also made up of the foaming material. So, the only thing you have to do is to adjust it around your face for face massage and comfort.


Therabuilt best portable massage chairs come with the three years of warranty. Each chair gives different kinds of warranties for fame, some for the cushioning material, and some for the overall developed massage chair. So this massage chair gives you the one-year warranty over its frame body and only three months if warranty over face cradle.


  • Lightweight
  • Face cradle
  • Armrest
  • Thick cushioning foam
  • Smooth massage


  • Hard face cradle

3: EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair Package VORTEX

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair Package VORTEX

Earthlit best portable massage chair,2021 the highest demandable chair in the market. Because it comes with ultra-high qualities and superb relaxing features. It gives incredible massage.

The portable massage chair, like other massage chairs of its type, is lightest chairs in the market. It’s ultra-comfortable because it has to cushion pads at different sites. Frame made up of upgraded quality steel. That’s why there no risk of damages.


Real and veritable massage chair

Earthlite portable massage chair, the most real and veritable massage chair comes in the full package form. It has all of the tranquilizing features that each massage chair should have.

The buying rate of this best portable massage chair in 2021 increased too much because of its high quality with a large number of features like the cushioned paddle, the arm, and headrests. It gives full high-value comfort because its conditions are beyond expectations.

Space storage

Modern homes these days haven’t enough space for such types of things because people already decorate them with other households. That’s why this earth lite massage designed in a way that covers the very light space.

It can be placed at the corner of the drawing-room or bedroom as you like. Because of this, there will be no difficulty over space coverage.

Lightweight and easy travel

Earthlite vortex best portable massage chair, the best shiatsu massage chair 2021 made up of the upgraded quality of aluminum. The aluminum framework makes it so strong. It’s also the lightest chair in the market. So, it’s an excellent addition to the life of the people who travel a lot.

Because it could carry with self anywhere because of its lightweight. Its carry case made up of nylon. Like this nylon, it adds extra comfort to life. While traveling chair fold sup to the plastic built carry case.

Easy to use

Like all other chairs, it also easy to use. But this most easily when you carefully read the semblance instructions. It comes in armrests and headrests. So it’s necessary to adjust them precisely.

The headrest adjusted to the point where the head gets fixes without any ache and pain. Face craft also adjustable. Just because of these marvelous features, this massage chair called the easiest to handle the best portable massage chair.


  • Headrests and armrests
  • Face cradle adjustment
  • Three years of warranty
  • Aluminum framework
  • Nylong rugged carry case


  • Not sturdy enough

4: Master Massage Bedford Portable Light Weight Massage Chair

Master Massage Bedford Portable Light Weight Massage Chair

This chair Master Massage Bedford portable massage chairs comes in the most high quality and long-lasting material. This chair differentiates from other massage chairs because its features are unique.

Like it has a covering of polyurethane. It acts like water and oil resistant. Furthermore, its face cradle works in six directions. So, you can fix it in any each direction you relax. It gives high-quality face muscles and back massage.


Multilayer foam

Master Massage Bedford’s best portable massage chair also has thick foam. This thick foam in this chair present with multilayers. So, multilayers of this foam give abundant and small cells like appearance.

The massage chair offers fabulous and overcoming over pain and tired body massage because of multilayers from the presence. The density is too higher than the other forms. It must be purchased by anyone who wants to free from the tension of sweating. Because it has a water-resistant and oil-resistant sheet.

Six-way face cradle

Like all other massage chairs, this portable massage chair hasn’t a single face cradle direction. So, it has six-way routes. These directions can change in any way you want. The face cradle this time has the most extended durability according to the research over this master massage Bedford massage chair. That’s why it counted as the best portable massage chair of 2021.

Therapeutic massage

Master Bedford’s best portable therapeutic massage chair is multiway. Because it gives massage in different ways. The massage chair has luxurious features of multiway massage therapy. It extends armrest and headrest and provides therapeutic massage. So, the one willing for a comfy and cozy massage should make a glance over its quality and features.

Steel frame

Its made up of the steel frame from aircraft. So, it’s evident for the master massage chair to be durable and dedicative. Because of the aircraft steel frame, the so lightweight that it carried from one place to another place so quickly.

The height, length and width of the master Bedford massage chair like 39 x 14 x 11

There will be no scratches for years because coated with such type of electrostatic powder that reflects dust and grain particles.


  • Aircraft steel
  • Electrostatic powder coating
  • The six-way direction face cradle
  • Tonic and therapeutic massage
  • Long-lasting


  • Smelly

5: EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair AVILA II – Premium

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair AVILA II - Premium

Earthlite best portable massage chair AVILLA II-premium the only one massage chair that comes with the limited lifetime warranty. That’s why it called the most suitable portable massage chair.

Its build with a powerful framework of carbon that will not break earlier. It works over the years with replaceable pads. It’s the superior choice by the client for ultra comfort. So, the Best portable massage chair gives super soft relaxation because of face cradle, chest foam, and armrests adjustments.



Like a high massage chair, this performs various functions. So, the important one amongst them is mobility. Because all the adjustments like face cradle, the armrest, and chest pads move over the part.

The chest pads move or tilt. Armrest and the face cradle moves in various directions. So, this kind of mobility gives a super flexible massage that everyone needs or wishes to have.


The best portable massage chair, 2021, gives ultra comfort to the body. Because it has some critical characteristics and functionalities. All of its cushions are removable. The pads at different sites of the chair provide smoothness over seating. These cushions can get washable. Because they made up of durable material.

Building material

Massage chairs can never choose without knowing its qualities in detail. A person should be wise enough to know about the benefits of its building material. Because on behalf of that material, the chair works and performs well.

The Best portable therapeutic massage chair 2021, Earthlite made up of the carbon fiber. That’s why its body act as the most robust framework among all the best portable massage chairs. Its carry case also rugged with nylon.

Nylon is the most popular among all of the fibers. Because of this nylon, the carry case rugged strongly. That’s why it becomes easier to carry a chair along with yourself.

Warranty card

Warranty card:
Earthlite portable massage chair Avilla II- premium acts as the only best shiatsu massage chair in the market that comes with a lifetime-limited warranty card. So, it acts as the leading massage chair. The weight carrying capacity of this portable massage chair is 350lbs.


  • Washable cushion pads
  • Strong carbon building material
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Carry case with strap


  • Not so easily adjustable

6: STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II

Stronglite portable massage chairs are the ultra-strong massage chair amongst the best portable massage chair 2021. Because it is a super relaxing massage chair with the lowest weight. The aluminum and double painted tube help in adding further positive points in its market purchased.

So, this is the most versatile massage chair in the market with the most sturdy and beautiful design. That’sThat’s why it’sits a massive attraction for customers in 2021.


Well built

The best portable massage chair 2021 is a well-inbuilt framework. The Structural body made of aluminum steel. The aluminum regarded as the most robust and hard building material of year amongst the best portable massage chairs. It gives a shiny loon because it coates with the shining material after its manufacturing. It further acts as extra strong because of the presence of the double tube.

Sturdy design

It comes in the full sturdy design that easily attracts the customers towards itself. Its mostly used by massage therapists. Because of the presence of the removable, washable pads and further because of the mobility of armrest, chair pads, and face cradles. This most suitable for people with any energy. That’sThat’s why the massage therapists make it priority over choosing the best portable therapeutic massage chairs.

Versatile chair

Stronglite portable electric massage chair II premium, the versatile massage chair because of its versatility. It’sIt’s most suitable for the clients with a height of 4.6 or above. The height rest also adjustable. The face cradle moves in the direction in which you want. For movement, the wheels attached at the lower side of the chairs.

Also, the pouches for jewelry, eyeglasses, and other necessities are there for your convenience. In satisfying a customer, its plus point is its carry case, that made up of nylon and can carry the weight up to 24lbs. That’sThat’s why this best portable massage chair is a versatile massage chair.

Complete package

The perfect word package describes the overall massage chair in just a view. The best portable massage chair build since 1986. It also gives a lifetime limited warranty. The wheels and nylon carry case makes it easier for travelers to carry a chair with them. Because this not let anyone in difficulty as it is the best lightweight or best portable massage chair, 2021.


  • Dual tube
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic design
  • Aluminum framework
  • Wheals for movement


  • Loose screws

7: Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair

Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair

Master massage products have made their place in the market. Master Best portable massage chair 2021 and tables all have their separate place all over the world. It builds with no mark finished aluminum frame. So, like other master massage chairs, it also has six direction availability of face cradle. It weighs about 18 lbs of itself.


Padded cushions

Master best massage portable chair constructed with padded cushion. These cushions are removable. While seating, the doesn’t give hard appearance and feeling, but the smooth and soft is. So, Its frame and cushions are adjustable. Length, width, and height vary like 29 x 19 x 50.

Aircraft aluminum and nylon carry case

The structural framework of the best portable massage chair made up of high-quality aircraft aluminum. The type of aluminum used in the manufacturing of airplanes. This portable massage chair is also lightweight, like airplanes. Its carry case made up of nylon. The nylon carry case makes it easy to carry with self during long travel or shift from one place to the other.


The best portable massage chair deals with a lot of accessories. Like all master brand massage chairs, this apollo portable massage chair has face cradle. That’s face cradle can direct up in six further directions in which you want.

Its the most conveyable massage with attached sessional pouches for all the necessary things like medicine, jewelry, tv remote while you are watching, etc.

Weight capacity

The aluminum structural framework makes it extra portable. That’s why it counted as the lightest massage chair in the market. So, chair weight is about 181 lbs. Its weight carrying and functioning capacity are more than all of the best portable massage chairs. Because it supports a working framework of 650 kg that’s the highest weight rate in the market.


  • Sessional punches
  • Aircraft aluminum
  • Most portable in the market
  • Heigh weight supporting capacity
  • Powdered coated to prevent rust and dust


  • Lacks versatility


Things You Need To Remember Before Buying A Best portable  Massage Chair

The best Portable massage chair name represents these are lightweight massage chair. So, what the customer or client should see before buying the best portable massage chair?


This best portable massage chair is famous for its lightweight material. So it must be light in weight. The best portable massage chairs,2021 carry approximately a maximum of 650 lbs weight. But, only a few of then can do this. The portable massage chairs come in the lightweight. But they can carry considerable weight. Thus primary purpose of being lightweight that it can quickly transfer from one place to another.

Face cradle

The best portable massage chairs give massage to face with a face cradle. Face cradle made up of soft cushioning material. So, in which direction it moves, it provides massage towards that. That’s why before buying the best portable massage chairs must check its face cradle that it has a six-course face cradle or not.

Or the conditions that you want for massage of the face. For neck, the best shiatsu portable massage chair comes in the market with high-quality features for back massage. Daily office workers mostly go through back pain.


A written guarantee issued by the manufacturer to the purchaser of the product. Warranty defines the durability of the product. Portable Massage chairs come with the years of warranty. Some vary from one year to three years. The most demanded and used massage chairs are those with lifetime limited warranty.

With the warranty period, you must check about its qualities in detail and the warranty period of separate parts also. So, the warranty gives security to the person of the replaceable product if it goes broken in any case.

Cushioning pads

A portable best massage chair,2021 has a distinct quality of features. So, one of them is cushioning pads. This paddy material made up of soft cushioning leather because it gives the soft and smooth touch while seating. That’s why paddy material provides the most comfortable and relaxing massage. Most of the massage therapists prefer this kind of massage chairs. So, they called the best therapeutic massage portable massage chair.

Manufacturing Material

Best Portable massage chair deals as a lightweight massage chair. Before buying a massage chair its an advice to keep your eye on its manufacturing material. The best portable therapeutic and shiatsu massage chair has long-lasting and durable manufacturing material. That’s why The framework of the best massage chair made up of the aircraft steel should be preferred. Because of its durability. The aircraft steel gives the chair a light appearance.


Lightweight massage chairs, the best portable massage chairs 2021 are highly demandable. Because of its lightweight quality, padding material, and manufacturing material. Its always become a difficult choice to choose the best portable massage chair.
that’s why here we are to lend a helping hand in your discussion.
So, the EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair AVILA II – Premium is making its demand among the massage therapists because of its therapeutic massage. Hence it acts as the best therapeutic massage chair, and you should buy it for excepted massage.

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