Best Big And Tall Office Chairs 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide


Spending several hours on a local office chair is undeniably unpleasant and uncomfortable. In this manner, many office workers suffer from hip pain, arms pain, neck pain, and back pain. If you are taller and bulky, you need a more convenient office chair with a wide seat cushion. However, the total number of best big and tall office chairs is limited in the market. But still, it is not easy to make the right decision regarding office chairs. 

Before buying any office chair, you must consider the comfort level, weight carrying capacity, and chair adjustments. For this, we are here to guide you thoroughly. After our satisfactory research, we can write this complete guide. 

Best Big And Tall Office Chair:

Here, the top options of the taller chairs are reviewed below. In addition, this article will surely help you make the right decision in buying the best big and tall office chairs that deliver comfort to the whole body.

  • AmazonBasics Big and Tall chair 
  • HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair
  • YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office chair 
  • Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair 
  • Steel Case Gesture Chair 
  • HON Wave Big & Tall Office chair 
  • Komen Ergonomic Office Chair 
  • Space Seating Big and Tall Air Grid Chair 
  • REFICCER Memory Foam chair 
  • Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair

1. Amazon Basics Big And Tall chair – Best Executive Desk Computer Chair

AmazonBasics Big and Tall chair

Are you willing to invest your money in a big and tall chair with several amazing features? If yes, you need to go for Amazon Basics Big and Tall Executive Desk Computer Chair as it is a very satisfactory chair. Due to all the fantastic features, we consider it one of the best big and tall office chairs in 2021. In addition, this tall chair will surely satisfy your requests. Besides this, the brown color of this chair adds to its beauty and makes it one of the most elegant chairs of the present time. 

If you are uncomfortable with your hard office chair, you must replace it as soon as possible. As you know, a hard chair causes pain in different parts of the body. In addition, the seating cushion of the chair is wider and soft. Here, the total width of the chair is 30.25 inches. In this sense, you will feel more comfortable and convenient with this office chair during long working hours. 

Well, all the components of the chair are commercial grade. In this sense, this office chair is solid and durable. Thereby, you will never go wrong with investing your money in this office chair, as it is long-lasting. Moreover, the high back of the chair supports the spine of the back. Besides this, the chair is budget-friendly with a heavy-duty base. 

For lower back support, this chair also provides lumbar support. In addition, to maintain the lumbar support, you need to adjust the chair’s tilt mechanism. Besides this, this office chair is a good choice for taller ones. On the contrary, the total weight of the whole chair is about 44.1 pounds, and the dimensions are 28.5 × 30.25 × 47.9 inches. 


  • Supports up to 350 lbs.
  • Lumbar support mechanism. 
  • Affordable price point. 
  • The seat cushion is wider and larger. 


  • The armrests of the chair are not moveable. 

Bottom Line
Primarily, this office chair is a good choice for office workers because of its smooth lumbar support. Moreover, it has a good weight carrying capacity. So, there is not any point in missing this office chair.

2. HON Sadie Big And Tall Office Chair – Best Chair Under $200

HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair


Do you want to buy an office chair that is taller and bigger with an affordable budget? If you want such a type of chair, we recommend you buy HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair without any further delay. According to our testing, this office chair has adjustable lumbar support, which delivers maximum support to your back. Besides this, if you want to lower the height of the chair, then you can keep it right where you need it. 

Moreover, the budget of the chair is very affordable and comfortable. Due to its affordable price point, we consider it the best big and tall office chair under $200. Besides this, the chair’s base is made of heavy gauge material, and the wheels of the chair are of premium quality. Moreover, these wheels roll smoothly over any floor. In this way, you can use the chair for heavy use. 

As we know that a cooling and breathable back chair proves best for all office workers. That’s why people mostly prefer to repurchase mesh chairs. Similarly, this office chair is also very demanding in the competitive market because this chair is mesh breathable. Thereby, you will surely feel relaxed and comfortable with this chair. In addition, good circulation of air keeps your body cool and sweat-free during hot summers. 

Besides this, the heavy gauge material of this chair allows it to carry the maximum weight of about 400 lbs without any problem. As the weight carrying capacity of this chair is excellent, it is long-lasting. Well, all the functions of this chair are flexible and allow you to work and relax simultaneously. Here, the total weight of this talker chair is 44 pounds, and the dimensions are 30.31 × 30.31 × 42.91 inches. 


  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • The assembling process may take only a few minutes. 
  • Suitable chair for relaxing. 
  • Great value for money.


  • Armrests might feel hard. 

Bottom Line
Mainly, it is said that the larger the weight carrying capacity, the more durable the chair is. Here, this statement is very true for this office chair. Moreover, giving this office chair a try is a great idea.

3. YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair – Best Chair For Neck

YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

If you are uncomfortable with your present office chair, then it’s time to replace it with the latest one. For this, YAMASORO brings one of the best tall and big office chairs, which is the “YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office chair.” Mainly, this ergonomic chair is made of skin-friendly PU leather, which supports your body. In addition, the leather is very soft, durable, and of premium quality. 

Besides this, PU leather is water-resistant and easy to clean. It means that you can wash it easily as the leather is waterproof. However, we recommend you clean the chair after every one or two weeks to maintain its look. Moreover, the seating cushion has a very high-density foam suitable for those suffering from hip and leg pain. On the contrary, the edge of the cushion is very flexible and reduces whole body pressure on the legs. 

Here, the quality of the rolling casters wheels is about 5, and they can smoothly move in any direction. In addition, this taller chair is adjustable from angles. It means you can adjust the armrests, high, and back of the chair without facing any error. 

Well, the weight carrying capacity of this taller office chair is about 300 pounds, which shows that the chair is convenient and durable. Here, the maximum weight of the whole chair is about 38.1 pounds, and the dimensions of the chair are 28.3 × 26 × 13 inches. Lastly, this chair can easily make your 10 years comfortable. 


  • Gives support to your neck and shoulders. 
  • The back is adjustable in 2 angles. 
  • The premium quality foam supports your legs like a baby. 


  • The headrest is not moveable. 

Bottom Line
Chiefly, this taller chair is suitable for people of all ages because you can easily adjust its height. Moreover, the chair has a warranty of about 1 year. In short, we truly recommend you to buy this chair as our experience was great.

4. Serta Big And Tall Executive Office Chair – Best Chair For 2021

Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Are you searching for a chair that has wood accents high back with great lumbar support? Undoubtedly, everyone would love to buy this type of unique and comfortable chair for their daily use. This office chair comes in almost 4 different chestnut brown, grey, ivory, and brown colors. Mainly, this taller chair in chestnut brown color seems so attractive, as the color is very fresh and unique. 

Well, Serta is a well-known brand, and it has been manufacturing top-level chairs since 1931. In addition, Serta is now bringing comfort in your office room, study room, or even living room. Here, this chair makes you feel comfortable throughout your home. However, the unique and stylish look of the chair makes it the best office chair for home and use. Thereby, you can even buy it for your living room, because everyone needs to relax after a tiring day. 

Due to its outstanding and helpful features, it is the best tall and big office chair to buy in 2021. Presently, most relaxing chairs are costly, and a normal person cannot afford to buy such chairs. Here, this chair is made for everyone because the price point of the chair is moderate. On the contrary, the soft pillow headrest of the chair delivers extra support to the neck and shoulders.

In this way, it also helps you to get relief from stress and anxiety. So, this big and tall executive chair works wonders by all means. Besides this, the lumbar support is also adjustable and flexible. However, your back will fit perfectly in this office chair and maintain the S-shape. On the contrary, the armrests give wooden accents and are layered with a thick sheet of leather. Here, the overall weight of this chair is about 46.8 inches, and the dimensions are 30.5 × 27.25 × 43.5 inches. 



  • The waterfall edge of the chair reduces leg pressure. 
  • Wheels roll smoothly. 
  • Available in 4 different colors. 


  • No guarantee card is available.

Bottom Line
Mostly, people tend to buy an office chair, which is multifunctional and versatile. For those who want a multifunctional chair, we recommend buying this one. In summary, all the features of this chair are satisfactory.

5. Steel Case Gesture Chair – Best For Healthiest Persons

Steel Case Gesture Chair

Well, everyone knows that Steelcase is the most popular company in the market for office chairs. Moreover, this company has been working for many years and produces exceptional chairs for the buyers. If you are suffering from anybody pain due to more work, we suggest you buy any chair from the Steelcase brand. However, the Steel Case Gesture Chair has won our hearts because it delivers maximum comfort to the body. 

On the contrary, the negative point of this chair is that it is not expensive. Here, the price point is almost $1000 or more, and not everybody can afford to buy this chair. If you can easily afford this budget, then it is a good way to invest your money. Unfortunately, although it is more expensive, you will never enjoy such fantastic features with any lower-priced chair. 

Due to easy adjustments, we find it the most comfortable and relaxing chair among all. Bessie’s this, the tilt mechanism of this chair offers you a 4 position recline line. In this manner, you can easily maintain the right sitting posture with this office chair. As we know, many people are suffering from body pains due to a tough working routine, so they must replace their traditional office chair with this one. 

Wow! This big and talker chair can easily support almost 400 Lbs weight. Here, this weight carrying capacity is exceptional as compared to office chairs. In case if you are bulky and heavy, then this chair can easily support your whole weight. Here, the complete weight of this bigger chair is almost 76 pounds, and the dimensions are 23.6 × 34.6 × 44.2 inches. 


  • Maximum weight carrying capacity. 
  • Suitable for healthier people. 
  • Fully adjustable armrests with 360-degree motion range. 
  • Adapts with your body easily. 


  • Very expensive. 

Bottom Line
This office chair is suitable for people of all ages, and healthier people will surely feel comfortable with this chair.  In this way, we consider it the best big and tall office chair for a bad back. So, never miss a chance to get this chair.

6. HON Wave Big & Tall Office Chair – Best Chair With Ergonomic Design

HON Wave Big & Tall Office Chair

Do you want to invest your money in an exceptional office chair, which is a good combination of comfort, durability, and price? Surely, everyone would like to buy this type of exceptional office chair for daily use. In this way, the HON Wave Big and Tall Executive Office chair is another sturdy chair. Moreover, it is the top pick of many buyers because of its exceptional constriction.

On the contrary, many people don’t like leather-like office chairs and prefer to buy mesh breathable office chairs. If you are also the one, then this big and taller chair is waiting for you. In addition, the light and breathable fabric of the back will indeed feel nice to your back and engage your experience with this chair. Moreover, the metal frame of the chair makes it more durable and versatile.

Above all, this chair has the most weight carrying capacity compared to the chairs on this list. Here, this office chair’s overall weight carrying capacity is about 450 lbs or maybe around 500 lbs. Due to this exceptional feature, we consider it the best big and tall office chair with 500 lbs capacity and this is a surprising fact about this chair. Besides this, the chair provides several ergonomic features, which you can easily enjoy. 

Here, this bigger chair has adjustable armrests with an adjustable recline. Moreover, it also offers you the lower back support feature. Above all, you can also adjust the height of the chair. In this manner, the chair is perfectly suitable for people with shorter and taller heights. Moreover, this office chair will also take care of your sitting posture during working hours. Here, the maximum weight of this chair is about 52.5 pounds, and the dimensions are 25.63 × 42.88 × 30.25 inches. 


  • All the parts are adjustable. 
  • Ergonomic design.
  • High-quality material.
  • It has the highest weight carrying capacity.


  • The chair may feel stiffer. 

Bottom Line
According to all the above discussions, we consider it one of the best big and tall office chairs of the present time. Besides this, we also get exceptional comforting results from this chair. That’s why we suggest you try this taller chair.

7. HON Wave Big & Tall Office Chair – Best Chair With Ergonomic Design

HON Wave Big & Tall Office Chair

How can we forget about the Komen Ergonomic Office Chair while reviewing the best big and tall office chairs with lumbar support? Undoubtedly, this chair stands among the best chairs of the present time. After testing this office chair, we are delighted with the results because the number of supports of this chair delivers maximum support to the legs and hips. 

Primarily, this chair comes in different sizes with the same shape. In this way, it doesn’t matter whether you are shorter or taller, you must buy it according to your size. If you are taller, you must go for the large size of the chair. On the contrary, for shorter ones, buy the chair in small sizes. Moreover, the ergonomic design of this office chair has 4 different supporting points. 

Here, these supporting points include the head, arms, back, and hips. Therefore, if you are suffering from any body pain, we recommend buying this office chair to improve your health. Besides this, the lumbar support delivers support to your backbone and maintains your sitting position during tough working days. Above all, the components of this office chair are adjustable and moveable. So you can adjust them to meet different heights and angles. Besides this, the ergonomic backrest of this office chair also maintains the natural curve of your back. 

After sitting on this chair for 5-6 hours continuously, we didn’t feel any tiredness. The lumber support takes the spinal pain of the body away, and you feel more relaxed. Furthermore, the total loading capacity of this chair is almost 250 lbs. On the contrary, the overall weight of this big and tall office chair is 35.2 inches, and the dimensions are 26.38 × 12—99 × 25.2 inches.


  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years. 
  • Available in different sizes. 
  • The lunar support relieves the pressure on the spine. 
  • Cool and breathable back.


  • The metal base is not sturdy. 

Bottom Line
In summary, people prefer to buy this office chair because it is available in different sizes. In addition, this is an exciting thing about this office chair because most of the chairs come in one size only.

8. Space Seating Big And Tall Air Grid Chair – Best Chair With Metal Construction

Space Seating Big and Tall Air Grid Chair

Well, no one in this world wants to feel uncomfortable due to their traditional office chair. If you routinely spend several hours sitting on the chair, you are indeed suffering from body pains like neck pain, arms pain, hip pain, and many more. For this, you must buy the best big and tall office chair as soon as possible. Here, the Space Seating Big and Tall Air Grid Back Office Chair is an exceptional and comfortable chair for those who feel uncomfortable during long working hours.

 When you go through the best tall and big office chair reviews, you will indeed find this supporting chair In any list. Although the chair doesn’t have a headrest, the back is taller enough to support your neck. In this manner, the chair delivers support to all the body parts and makes you feel comfortable and relaxing. Therefore, this chair is a better option for office workers or those who regularly use desk computers for 5-6 hours. 

Here, the most exciting feature of this office chair is its weight carrying capacity. So, the total weight carrying capacity of this chair is almost 400 lbs. As you know, the loading capacity of the chair determines its durability. In this sense, 400 lbs loading capacity is enough to show that the chair is long-lasting and sturdy. Besides this, using the pneumatic control on the chair, you can adjust its height to suit your needs. For relaxing purposes, flip the back angle of the chair to the backward direction.

Chiefly, we recommend you get complete information about the weight and dimensions of any product before buying it. Here, the total weight of this relaxing chair is 56 pounds with a very decent look. However, the overall dimensions of the chair are about 27 5 × 30.25 × 45 Inches. 


  • Comes in several different styles. 
  • The metal construction is sturdy. 
  • Supporting and breathable back. 
  • Can tilt with an angle of 360 degrees. 


  • No warranty card comes with the box.

Bottom Line
Primarily, there is not any negative fact about this chair, because all the features are fantastic. Besides this, the metal frame is very sturdy and strong.  That’s why there is no reason to miss this long-lasting office chair.

9. REFICCER Memory Foam Chair – Best Executive Office Chair

REFICCER Memory Foam Chair

If you are always uncomfortable with your office chair and can’t focus on your work correctly, forget about it. Here, the REFICCER Memory Foam Executive Office chair is one of the best big and tall office chairs on Amazon. In addition, the taller and wider back of the chair supports your muscles and delivers comfort to your joints. 

On the contrary, the soft leather and waterfall seat edge of this chair minimizes the pressure on your back and makes you feel comfortable all the time. Besides this, this taller chair has a substantial structure with heavy-duty metal. Due to its sturdy construction, this chair is very durable in real life. In this way, you will surely stay relaxed and comfortable even when dealing with long working tasks. 

On the contrary, the seat side levers of these chairs allow you to adjust the height of the whole chair. In addition, the tilting process is very flexible and fast. Here, you just need to push on the handle to get the required sitting posture. Due to the heavy-duty metal base, the chair is perfectly capable of carrying a weight of about 400 Lbs. However, you may get many chairs with this weight loading capacity, but this chair has won the heart of the buyers. 

We also get satisfactory results, and we are thankful to REFICCER for manufacturing such an incredible office chair on a very affordable budget. In addition, this chair is available in almost seven different colors. On the contrary, the maximum weight of this office chair is almost 50.7 pounds with dimensions of 27.6 × 32.3 × 46.5 inches. 


  • You can adjust it in any way.
  • Unbelievable construction. 
  •  Comes with a limited warranty of 1 year. 
  • Sturdiness is great. 


  • The paint of the frame peels off. 

Bottom Line
Primarily, you can’t go wrong with this office chair as it has an unbelievable and sturdy construction. So, it delivers comfort to your body for a long time. In short, you will never regret buying this tall office chair.

10. Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair – Best Stain Resistant Chair

Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair

Are you suffering from a backache for a long time and want to get rid of it? If yes, then there is no better option for you than Anda Seat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair. Mainly, this chair comes in two different colors of black and red. So, you can buy it in any color according to your furniture match. On the contrary, this chair is perfectly suitable for pro gamers. In addition, the best quality of this chair makes it one of the best big and tall office chairs of the present time. 

Besides this, the overall construction of the chair is exceptional. In this manner, this gaming chair has a great weight carrying capacity. Here, the total weight carrying capacity of this chair is almost 440 lbs. However, it can also weigh about 500lbs or less. Due to this interesting feature, we consider it the best big and tall office chair with 500 lbs loading capacity. Therefore, this gaming chair is a suitable choice for all gamers and computer workers.

Above all, you can even buy it for your office use. Here, the black color is a perfect match with your office furniture. On the contrary, bright-colored chairs are suitable for gaming rooms. So, you must buy it in red if you are going to place it in your gaming room. Furthermore, the headrest of this chair is larger and size, and you can easily remove it. Well, the overall height of this chair is about 210 cm.

In addition, the 4D armrests of this chair are easy to adjust in any direction. More than this, you can also adjust the height of these armrests according to your needs. On the contrary, the total weight of this comfortable and gaming chair is 74.4 pounds and the, so pensions of the chair are 29.92 × 29.92 × 34.25 inches. Lastly, the chair doesn’t contain harmful elements, so it is also suitable for kids and adults.


  • Smooth leather with stain-resistant. 
  • Super high-density foam.
  • Delivers stability and strength to the body. 
  • Perfect for people of all ages. 


  • Less breathable. 

Bottom Line
To provide the perfect comfort level, this multifunctional chair is made only for you. Besides this, it provides stability and efficiency to the body. So, you must not miss a chance to buy this tall ergonomic chair.

Buying Guide 

If we talk about big and tall office chairs, we consider this chair for people with a weight of more than 250 pounds and a height of 6 foot 4 inches. These chairs are also called big man chairs because of the higher backrests with the higher adjustment of seat height. Because the users of these chairs weigh more than 250 pounds, they are said to be wider and made up of thicker padding. Moreover, all the features of these tall and big chairs are durable and manufactured to work for years. 

How to choose the best big and tall chairs?

As I just told you, these chairs cater to people weighing more than 250 pounds; all of their features should be durable and adjustable so the user can adjust everything according to their comfort. The buyer’s guide below will guide you on what to consider while buying a tall and big office chair.  The things you should look for in a chair before buying it are given below: 

Width and depth of the chair

Considering the width and depth of the chair comes first while buying a big and tall office chair. Measuring your current chair will help you while buying the big chair will help you get a chair with perfect width. 

The width feature in any chair is fixed, but the depth can be adjustable. These types of chairs are perfect, no matter with long or short legs. Apart from that, there are furthermore features which can affect the width of your office chair. 

Seat height

Proper seat height is necessary for your legs to get the appropriate position. Any standard size big and tall office chair will have a height range between 16 to 20. Every type of body has its specific features, some of them have long legs, or some have height in their torso. The perfect recommended way to sit on a chair is to place your feet flat on the floor as your upper and lower legs make an angle of 90 degrees. Before buying a chair, it is best to take proper measurements by sitting on the existing chair. 

Back height

A typical office chair is 19-22 tall, which is said to be an average height. If you are 6 feet and 2 inches tall, the chair with above height is okay for you, but if you are more than 6’2″, the chair can create discomfort. The back height always includes the design and shape of the backrest. Mostly, the upper frame of the backrest consists of plastic that can easily dig in your shoulder blades, so if you are tall, this thing will be very uncomfortable. 

If the backrest of the shoulder includes a headrest, it will also create an issue by pushing you forward or hitting your shoulders. So if you want a headrest for a tall person, then this should be adjustable. 

Weight capacity 

Most standard office chairs for big and tall people are designed to bear up to 250 lbs., but if you are under 250, the chair can create an issue for you. So always buy a chair that has 10% over your current weight-bearing capacity. Apart from that, if a chair is said to bear a weight of more than 400 lbs., it doesn’t mean that it will sometimes be more critical. 

Ergonomic adjustments

The tall and big chairs are mostly basic because of the capacity it requires, so the manufacturers have to limit the movement to prevent the chair from breaking. But that also doesn’t mean that these tall and big chairs don’t come with ergonomics. 

If you want a tall and big chair with complete ergonomic adjustment, you should start your search at $700 as these chairs are a bit expensive. Maybe the price is a bit out of budget for some people, but it’s better to pay once, and you will get a chair that lasts for years. 

FAQs About Best Big And Tall Office Chairs:

How do you know if your desk is too high?
 If your desk is too high, you will experience shoulder, elbow, wrist, or hand discomfort. This discomfort is the short reminder that you have to change the desk.

How do you adjust the height of a chair?
 To adjust the height of your chair, you have to stand in front of the chair and press the lever using one hand. On the other hand, slowly move the chair up.

What is the maximum height of an office chair?
 Different models have various height ranges, but if you major the chair from floor to the seat, the maximum height is 16 to 21 inches.

What is the ideal height?
 Mostly for all people, the height 16 to 21 inches works perfectly. That is why it is said to be the ideal height.

What is a good chair height?
 If your feet are flat on the floor, the height is ideal for any user. This may range from 16 to approx. 21 inches.

Our main aim is to provide you with all the necessary information that proves helpful in making the right choice. That’s why we spend several hours researching and testing the best big and tall office chairs. Every chair has different upsides and downsides; go through this article and find the one according to your needs. However, we find these chairs exceptional and more durable.

  • AmazonBasics Big and Tall Executive Desk Computer Chair.
  • HON Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair.

Mainly, these chairs deliver a good comfort level and support to the body. Besides this, the seat cushion is soft. However, it all depends on your needs, which one is suitable for you. So, we suggest you make the right choice.

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